Brandon Silvera was born and raised in Broward County, FL. He dedicated the name of his business to the place that made him the man he is today. “954MM” pays homage to his hometown. It is simply a combination of his area code and the unit of measure used to measure the focal length of camera lenses.

Brandon has always been a creative person. In 2010, in his Sophomore year of high school, Brandon became very interested in photography after he made a Tumblr account. The photos that were shared via Tumblr caught Brandon’s attention and he immediately wanted to give photography a go. He got his first camera that same year and the rest is history.

He started out shooting lifestyle, portraits and fashion. He decided to pursue a career in photography after after he sold his first 2000 photos at one time to be published in The Encyclopedia of  Air Jordans. It wasn’t untiI he was asked by a few friends to shoot their cars that he discovered his passion for automotive photography. From that day forward, Brandon dedicated himself to shooting cars. He loved the challenge of it and he took it head on.

Although automotive photography is his main focus, Brandon still does enjoy shooting lifestyle, product, fashion, landscapes and portraits. 

A picture is truly worth a thousands words to Brandon and he strives to provide his audience with a view at life through his eyes. 

CONTACT // info@954mm.com