At the end of 2017, my friends at TR4P TEAM told me that they were going to bid on 2 very special cars at an auction in 2018. One being a car that we'll see next month (May 2018) and the other being the legendary Top Secret V12 Supra that was previously owned by Smokey Nagata himself.



I knew that the car was coming to South Florida 3 months prior to it's arrival. On Tuesday, April 4 2018, I was out with some friends after the Tuesday meet cruising and having some fun. On the way to Sunoco, we actually passed TR4P TEAM on the highway. I saw a spoiler and realized it belonged to an R34. I looked a little harder and saw the boys on the side of the highway. The R34 unfortunately had a tire blowout. We pulled it up to Sunoco and my friend Anthony gets a call from TR4P asking where we were and that they were on the way.



A half hour goes by and I hear something in the distance. So I look and I see a blue GS that I recognized. A few seconds after, another car rolls up behind it and I start freaking out. Nobody else but me and my friend Anthony knew what it was. We got a lot of "wtf" stares until they pulled in and we told them what they were looking at. 


They picked it up that night and brought it through. I still get goosebumps thinking about it rolling up. The Toyota Supra has always been a dream car for me and I think it's safe to say that it's a dream car for all of us. But this Supra, if you, you know. There's plenty of articles out there about this car and the man behind it. To keep it short, it's a Supra with a twin turbo'd Toyota Century V12 that did 197mph on public roads in 1997 and 222mph in 2007.


The fact that this thing still exists is one thing. But the fact that it's stateside and my friends bought the damn thing?! Un-f*cking-real! I told them I was coming to the warehouse the next day to shoot it. I was so far beyond excited. I almost left pretended to be sick to leave work early!


The clock struck 5pm and I finally clocked out! I called Anthony, he met me at my house and we made our way to TR4P to shoot the car. The car ride there felt so long. Im so happy I now have an E90 M3 because my 04 Camry would've made the trip feel like forever! Palms were sweaty, knees weak but no spaghetti sadly. We go to the original warehouse and the car wasn't there. I was confused and asked "where's the damn car?!". The boys at TR4P TEAM like to troll me. They said "oh we sold it" and a bunch of other stupid jokes. Can't lie, I was getting emotional LOL. Eventually, they told me it was at a secret location which turned out to be where they were relocating. When we pulled in and I saw the Supra sitting in the warehouse by itself, I almost shed a tear. It was perfectly set up. A dream come true. I grabbed my stuff and got to shooting.


To say I'm honored and still in disbelief that I got to shoot this car is an understatement. As I type this blog post, I still can't believe this happened. The magnitude of it (especially for me personally) is too much. The car is gorgeous and in great condition. Literally, left me speechless. It has so much character in person. I did my best to capture it all.


My favorite feature of this car is the original Japanese tag that is sealed to the car. As awesome as the car is performance wise and cosmetically, that little piece of history tops it all off. At least for me.

I'm going to end this blog post here but not before saying thank you to TR4P TEAM for giving the opportunity to be the first person to shoot this car. Thank you probably isn't enough in all honesty but I am so grateful. Below you'll find the full set of photos. Enjoy!


Oh, and if you share these photos, please give photo creds and don't forget to tag @TR4PTEAM @TOPSECRETSUPRA please/thanks!