The iPhone X and the Nikon D850 are pretty similar. As far as obtaining them goes. I had to do more than I should've to acquire both of these expensive little gadgets. However, I am more than pleased with how both the iPhone and D850 perform. But we're here to talk about photography and how these two devices stack up against each other. Ready? Here we go.


Let's start with the iPhone. Not much to say about the D850. It's a more than capable DSLR that has been the best DSLR to date. So it really speaks for itself. Especially in this comparison. After having the iPhone for just about a month now, I love it. I'm absolutely impressed by Apple with this phone. The way it looks, they way it performs etc. you get it. But being a photographer, the most important thing for me was the camera and how much better it is than my previous 7 Plus.

The first photo I took with it was a shot of a wheel on a friends M6 (left/above on mobile). Crazy right? That was shot with the standard iOS camera app. When I took the photo it really blew me away. It was flawless. As I started to take more photos with the iPhone X, I realized that not every photo was coming out well as the wheel shot I took. After more shooting, it eventually made sense. The wheel shot was perfect because the sun was hitting it spot on. There was A LOT of light hitting the tiny little sensor inside my iPhone and as a result, you get the photo you see to your left. There are other photos I took that look great for them being phone taken photos. But I knew there was more potential in the camera.

The default camera app is pretty much just like shooting JPEG on a DSLR. Useless and destructive.  Don't get me wrong, I've taken some pretty awesome photos with the default camera app. Knowing I was shooting JPEG, I just threw them into VSCO, applied filters and tweaked the settings to my hearts desire. You can see those shots HERE. But like I said before, nothing came close to the shot of the wheel. 

Today, I was scrolling through Facebook like usual and I came across an ad for a camera app for iPhone. I'm always interested in things like this so I click the link and it brings me to a page where I'm introduced to an app called HALIDE.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 8.36.28 AM.png

Reading through the features, I had to get my hands on it and test it for myself. Now, I have tried alternative camera apps with similar features before but none of them pleased me. The biggest thing for me was just getting a RAW photo and other apps made that more complicated than it should've. So I spent the measly $4.99 and went to go take some photos.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 8.36.36 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 8.36.47 AM.png

Halide is PERFECT. It has both auto and manual controls. The manual controls are very simple and very cool but too much for me to control when trying to get a shot on the go on a touch screen. I prefer a DSLR for that since it's got all the buttons and command dials to control things individually. Leaving it on auto is just like using the default iOS camera app but you have the option to shoot RAW. That's all I needed. You just touch to focus, slide up or down to adjust exposure and click the shutter button to capture your photo. The DNG files are instantly saved straight to your camera roll and ready for import to any mobile app with RAW support. You can even upload these to your computer and use desktop apps like Lightroom and Photoshop without any loss in quality (I use AirDrop to transfer files). It also supports portrait mode which is called "DEPTH" in the app. 


The shots you above are the RAW file captured straight from HALIDE (left) and the final version after I edit it in LR (right).

 The DNG from HALIDE is a world of difference from what you get out of the default camera app. There a lot of data and way more detail. It's pretty obvious that this app is incredible and that for just $5, you can get the most out of your iPhone's camera.

Below is a shot I took with my D850. 

Here's a better look at both shots compared to one another. 

iPhone (TOP) x D850 (BOTTOM)

iPhone (TOP) x D850 (BOTTOM)

Crazy to see how similar both images are to one another. It almost made me mad. But let's face it, a phone can't replace a DSLR (not yet at least). For now, we photographers who spend thousands of dollars on gear are safe. There are still tons of things our phones can't do that our pricey DSLR's and mirrorless cameras can. 

However, the iPhone is too damn good. It's honestly too good to be true, but it is. 

In conclusion, I'm happy as hell that I discovered Halide. I now have a very capable camera that I can fit in my pocket and take everywhere with me. Taking beautiful photos on the go is now less of a hassle. No need to buy a compact camera or carry around my cumbersome D850 with me. I can keep my D850 safe and sound out home while I use my iPhone X . 

I highly suggest everybody buy Halide on the app store! It's more than worth it.