Went scouting for spots for a shoot tomorrow & I brought my friend along so I could take a test shot to see how everything would look. Turned out great! 

Here is the RAW image. I shot this with no off camera flash. It was all naturally lit by the sun. This is one of the 7 shots I took. I polarize then blend the separate photos together to get a smooth car with no reflections.

Here is my final edit. All shots blended together and color corrected to match the exact color of the car. The sky was also changed. The original sky was boring to me. Also removed the lines on the garage floor because they were a little distracting to me. If they lead towards the car, I would've definitely left them. I matched the brightness of the median to match the wall in the foreground. Desaturated and brightened the back wall as well as removed the hand rails that were on them. Had to also remove the plane and the power lines. There was a sign too but we positioned the car to block it.

My friend and I were talking about future plans for his 5.0 while I was shooting it. He said he'd just want to lower it a little bit and put some wheels on it. So that's just what I did for him in PS. Had no clue what wheels he'd want so I just found another 5.0 with some cool rims and cut and pasted them on to his. Came out well in my opinion. Pretty extensive for some test shooting but practice makes perfect.

Leave a comment below and let me know your opinions on it!

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