I've always heard Chicago was a beautiful city with tons to do and see. Being a big Jordan fan, I've always wanted to visit but never thought I'd get around to getting there. Fortunately, my talent with photography got me there. 


Chicago is a beautiful city. I was really in awe by the scenery and I wasn't ashamed to look like a tourist, stopping every 10 feet to take photos of the architecture.

While exploring downtown, we ran into a protest. My mom told me to keep away from one if I saw one but I couldn't let this mob of people just walk by me without getting some photos. At the same time, I wanted to be apart of it. Being a black man in America and seeing what happened to Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, I stand with the BLM movement and it's fight for justice. #BlackLivesMatter.

Estevan (@estevansta)

Estevan (@estevansta)

Zandro (@zandboxphoto)

Zandro (@zandboxphoto)

While in Chicago, I got to link up with a social media friend of mine, Estevan. Estevan's a cool guy and a really good fashion photographer. I also got to meet Zandro, the man responsible for bringing me out to Chicago. Zandro one of the nicest guys I've ever met and he's extremely talented. He and Estevan showed me around downtown Chicago and were fortunately patient with me while I did my tourist thing.

When Zandro and Estevan asked me where I wanted to go first, I told them I wanted to see The Bean. Once we got there, I didn't feel awkward because there were tons of other tourists there. I was extremely relieved.

Here was my work station while I was in Chicago. I stayed at the Hampton all the way in Carol Stream. Far from the city but that's where work was for the time being. Didn't get the best view (Ford dealership) but I wasn't there much anyways.

Chicago was awesome. Not to mention the food! Portillos was a life changing experience for me! But I missed home a lot. There's really nothing like South Florida. I loved my trip to Chicago and I can't wait to go back!


My friend @incognito_jay calls me and says "Yo, Velos just called me to shoot a truck for them, you mind helping me strobe?". I wasnt doing anything and I love shooting so I get up and go. We shot an X5M the first day and then the next, an M4. Heres all the shots and the final image of them all put together.

This is the original shot with the different strobed shots blended and stitched together

Went to our Macy's parking garage and took this for the background

Hated the natural floor of the garage so I found this on google and swapped it in

Wanted to add more to the image so I found a photo of Miami at night placed it between the openings for a more interesting background

Here's the final image of everything combined together!



So I called a friend of mine to borrow his car to practice my strobing. These are the results.


FIRST EDIT. I really didn't like it. Car was too white and it blended into the sky. 

I did a shoot for Velgen last week and I wasn't too fond of the photos but I found use for one of them. 




FINAL EDIT: I dropped the photo above behind the car and ground and obviously swapped out the sky and heres the final photo.


Bankroll Fresh was shot and killed in Atlanta last night. According to 11 Alive, the shooting took place outside Street Execs Studios. 11 Alive's report states there were at least 50 shell casings found at the scene and that the victim died while in transit to the hospital.

RIP Bankroll. It was an honor to share the same stage as you and capture your energy. Gone way way too soon.


Went scouting for spots for a shoot tomorrow & I brought my friend along so I could take a test shot to see how everything would look. Turned out great! 

Here is the RAW image. I shot this with no off camera flash. It was all naturally lit by the sun. This is one of the 7 shots I took. I polarize then blend the separate photos together to get a smooth car with no reflections.

Here is my final edit. All shots blended together and color corrected to match the exact color of the car. The sky was also changed. The original sky was boring to me. Also removed the lines on the garage floor because they were a little distracting to me. If they lead towards the car, I would've definitely left them. I matched the brightness of the median to match the wall in the foreground. Desaturated and brightened the back wall as well as removed the hand rails that were on them. Had to also remove the plane and the power lines. There was a sign too but we positioned the car to block it.

My friend and I were talking about future plans for his 5.0 while I was shooting it. He said he'd just want to lower it a little bit and put some wheels on it. So that's just what I did for him in PS. Had no clue what wheels he'd want so I just found another 5.0 with some cool rims and cut and pasted them on to his. Came out well in my opinion. Pretty extensive for some test shooting but practice makes perfect.

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